Esperance Port Access Corridor

The Esperance Port Access Corridor is a $126 million upgrade of the rail corridor into the Esperance Port, located in Western Australia. The project, which is expected to take 18 months to complete, consists of a rail tunnel, extensive rail duplication, numerous bridges, roads, retaining walls, and the upgrade of underground services. In late 2012, ThinkSpatial was engaged by John Holland to provide the surveying and spatial data management services for the duration of the project.

The surveying component of the project has involved the establishment of a survey control network, structure monitoring, setout surveys, as-built surveys, feature surveys, laser scanning, and the acquisition of aerial imagery using an Unmanned Aerial System.

In addition to providing the full range of surveying services ThinkSpatial has developed and manages the site-wide Geographic Information System (GIS). The GIS, a custom-built web mapping application, provides a variety of measurement, analysis, and printing tools in a familiar mapping interface and is constantly updated with the latest design data, as-built data, reports, and aerial imagery. The application has proven to be extremely useful for the construction management team, site engineers, foreman, and surveyors.