Rural Levees Assessment

ThinkSpatial, in collaboration with Water Technology, recently completed the survey and risk assessment of ~600km of levees throughout Northern Victoria, primarily along the Goulburn and Murray Rivers. The surveys were conducted for the Goulburn Broken CMA, North Central CMA, and the North Eastern CMA over a period of 12 months.

ThinkSpatial surveyed cross sections, longitudinal sections, geotagged photos, and any points of weakness that may have impacted on the integrity of the levee. The resulting data was used by Water Technology to determine existing levels of protection offered by the levees as well as prioritisation and costing of repairs.

Throughout the project ThinkSpatial provided the CMAs with interactive webmaps to track the progress of the survey. Deliverables included topographic data, long section plans, cross section plans, the points of weakness (and the associated risk assessment), and photos.

Sightings Network

ThinkSpatial, in conjunction with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) has designed and developed a novel crowd-sourcing application to monitor wildlife activity and incidents within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

The web and mobile applications, known as the Sightings Network, combine spatial information, images, videos, and social media (Facebook) to engage the community in the management of the Great Barrier Reef. In return, the GBRMPA gains valuable macro level scientific data on health of reef and real-time notification of marine incidents.

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ThinkSpatial was recently engaged by the Moorabool Shire Council to undertake a comprehensive survey of the Council’s drainage network. The project commenced in January 2012 and will run until July 2014.

During this project ThinkSpatial will survey approximately 4500 pits and 5100 pipes as well as collect attribute and condition data in accordance with D-Spec. The drainage assets are located throughout the Council and include both urban and semi-rural areas.

The initial phase of the project (an audit of existing survey data) was completed in January 2013. Survey of the remaining pits and pipes commenced in mid-February and will continue at a steady pace over the next two years.

In 2011, ThinkSpatial was engaged by John Holland to provide Survey Management services during the design and construction phases of the South Morang Rail Extension Project (SMREP).

ThinkSpatial provided a point of connection between the SMREP design team and the SMREP construction and delivery teams. ThinkSpatial's role was that of a gatekeeper for the issuing of design information (such as survey design models) by fielding requests and issuing models to relevant/appropriate persons. ThinkSpatial was also responsible for the collation and quality assurance of as-constructed data and for the timely delivery of this information to the SMREP design team and responsible authorities.

Warrandyte Backlog Sewer

ThinkSpatial recently completed the surveying and processing of a backlog sewer network in Warrandyte for GHD and Yarra Valley Water. The project involved the detailed feature survey of more than 30km of sewer network (including existing sewer and drainage assets). The sewer network services approximately 700 properties in the area. The project was undertaken by multiple survey crews within an extremely short timeframe (8 weeks for the bulk of the survey work).

In addition to the supply of engineering survey services, ThinkSpatial also organised for the provision of LiDAR data for the project (to minimise the amount of survey required in backyards — a significant cost saving measure).