In 2012, ThinkSpatial completed the Integrated Eye on the Reef (iEotR) web application for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA). Prior to the development of the application, GBRMPA had three paper-based reef monitoring programs — Reef Health, Eye on the Reef, and BleachWatch. ThinkSpatial amalgamated, spatially enabled, and modernised these monitoring programs, thereby allowing the entire GBRMPA community (scientists, government agencies, tourism operators, and the public) to fully participate in GBRMPA's efforts to monitor the health of the reef.

The iEotR web application addresses two key objectives of GBRMPA's strategy for monitoring the health of the Great Barrier Reef. Firstly, iEotR efficiently collects reef health data via simple, intuitive, and intelligent data collection mechanisms (both online and offline). The data collected by the various monitoring programs is stored in a single database environment with a shared, spatially-enabled, data model. Secondly, ThinkSpatial's approach to the problems posed by managing data from three distinct monitoring programs has enabled GBRMPA to quickly and easily analyse the collected data to obtain information and knowledge about the health of the reef, which allows the various stakeholders to make informed management decisions. To accomplish this objective ThinkSpatial built powerful mapping, reporting, and charting tools into the iEotR that provide a variety of customised outputs, each of which addresses the needs of GBRMPA's stakeholders.