First Post!

We’ve been around too long without a blog. So here it is. Welcome to ThinkSpatial’s very own blog. We’ll be posting here every now and then with updates from the company, the awesome stuff we’re making, and any other cool things we find. Since this is the first real post it’s a good opportunity to show you what powers this site and how we made it.

There might be some bugs we’ve yet to squash, so bear with us while we get everything in its place.

Second Crack

This site is powered by a modified version of Marco Arment’s Second Crack, a simple blogging engine that creates posts from Markdown files stored in Dropbox. The changes we made are little things that make things easier for us to forget PHP and focus on our JavaScript.

Every bit of content is delivered from Markdown files in dropbox. This allows us to quickly update content without having to mess with any clunky content management systems.


As you can see on our shiny new home page, the background of our hero is a map. We chose Leaflet to power our maps because…

  • It works great on mobile devices
  • It’s fast
  • It’s awesome

There’s a little magic thrown in to handle transitioning between hero pages and displaying content, but Leaflet’s simplicity allowed us to quickly build a cool looking map we can fill with whatever spatial data we want.

The Rest

HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and the other usual suspects like jQuery, Underscore, and Typekit also help to power this site. Using these technologies has allowed us to create a modern and unique website that works well on all devices. We will dive into more of our technology stack in future posts, so don’t forget to check back soon as new posts go up every fortnight.