ThinkSpatial currently has two main software products for the surveying industry, ThinkMap and Position ++

Construction sites are extremely dynamic and complex environments where there are constant changes in the state of infrastructure (above and below ground). In such environments, it is critical to know the location and status of existing, newly constructed, and planned (design) infrastructure. Furthermore, this information must be easy to access and available in a timely fashion.

To address this need ThinkSpatial has developed ThinkMap, a web-mapping platform tailored specifically to construction projects. ThinkMap provides a single point of access to design data, existing conditions information, as-built data, photos, and reports (documents, spreadsheets, PDFs).

Importantly, as-built survey data and reports are available immediately after processing, ensuring that the design, construction, and management teams have access to up-to-date information on construction progress and the location and status of all infrastructure on the site. The result is a safer and more efficient project due to fewer incidents of infrastructure damage, less rework, faster acceptance, and improved site awareness.

Positon++ is a cloud‐based GNSS processing and monitoring service available to the operators of reference station networks, private organisatons, and individuals who require independent, scientfic grade GNSS data processing services.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Positon++ is based entirely in the cloud and is provided to you as Sotware as a Service (SaaS). As such, the service is flexible, rapidly scalable, requires no infrastructure expenditure, and requires no knowledge of scientfic GNSS processing sotware or principles. So flexible is the system that you can view and analyse the processing results quickly and easily on your tablet or smartphone.
Standard outputs include station coordinates, station velocites, tropospheric delays, receiver clock offsets, observaton residuals, station quality measures, and station metadata. Processing results can be viewed using interactve charts, printed in PDF reports, or downloaded (CSV files, PNG images, etc.) for additional analysis or reporting.


  • Scientific‐grade GNSS processing.
  • Subscription service—pay for what you need.
  • Unlimited reference stations.
  • Intuitive modern web interface.
  • Combined weekly and monthly solutions.
  • tive maps, charts, and tables.
  • Post‐processing service (PPP or Baseline)
  • Comprehensive and customisable reports
  • Download results for additional analysis
  • Full customer service and support


  • High accuracy, high precision coordinate and velocity determination.
  • Cloud‐based “Software as a Service”, no expertise or infrastructure required.
  • Industry leading GNSS processing and network adjustment techniques.
  • Complimentary ad‐hoc post‐processing service available to you and your clients.
  • Supported by a team of experienced GNSS professionals committed to providing worldclass services.